• With iQfm, you can listen to the best sound quality on your stereo; adjust the bass, treble, fader, and balance as desired. You don't have to hassle about remembering to turn off your iPod and hiding it from thieves or severe temperatures. iQfm draws the power directly from your vehicle's DC12V output (cigarette lighter). It is turned off when you unplug your car key. There will be no more battery recharge problems.
  • iQfm is an innovative device to play your desired songs in your car or boat. It does not require permanent and complicated installation. iQfm offers an “installation-free” convenience. This product is an innovative wireless device that will let you play any music you download from your computer. None of these features requires an iPod or Mp3 to operate.
  • iQfm connection will give you a reasonable good sound quality, allowing you to listen to the music on your car player by turning your radio to a specific clear frequency. The sound quality is as good as your original car radio player.
  • An iQfm is played and functioned on a flash drive (USB memory chip) and compatible with SD and MMC card. iQfm is a device that serves as a single music player in your car. USB drives are the most popular and common method to download your music files. Most desktops or portable computers have an USB port. All you need to do is plug and transfer files to the drive (chip), then plug it into your iQfm.
Music Support: MP3
Transmission Frequency: 87.7MHz-88.9MHz, 106.7MHz-107.9MHz
Audio Port: Audio jack port for stereo audio in
USB Port: Reads USB flash files
Mmemory Card: SD/MMC
LCD Screen: Displays song titles, frequency and volume
Channel Isolation Ratio: >=72dB
Frequency Range: 20Hz – 15kHz
Working Current: 50mA±10mA
Output Current: 100mA max
Size: 9.5cm, 5cm remain long after plugging into cigarette lighter
Accessories: Audio cable (3.5mm - 2.5mm stereo)
Model: fm-iqfmexbl
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